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Business Planning Services

Devries, Trifiletti & Loy, Inc.'s entire foundation is based on providing services to today's entrepreneur. We specialize in the issues that surround the closely-held company --- we realize that business is never static! Now more than ever, the business environment is influenced by many outside factors. Whether you are in the start-up phase or a mature business, proper planning is the key to your success. Our role is to act as, or assist, your financial personnel to help guide the business. As part of our role, we:

  • help develop a business plan
  • prepare budgets, forecasts, and projection models needed to secure financing and to assist management in its decision making process
  • recommend procedures necessary to help establish proper internal accounting control
  • prepare business valuations
  • provide different tax projection scenarios reflecting their various tax effects
  • review your operating results periodically throughout the year in order to minimize your tax liability both at the corporate and personal level
  • help to establish a thorough record keeping system
  • provide support of Quickbooks Accounting Software
  • are available to provide on-site bookkeeping services for our clients

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