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Estate & Trust

Estate and trust planning is a very personal service that should involve all of your key financial advisors, i.e.: accountant, attorney, broker, and insurance representatives. The team approach ensures that everyone is following the same course that has been mapped out, and eliminates conflicting advice to you. With everyone following the same map, you can be sure that the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate will continue to provide your family with security into the future.

There are a variety of items to build into the financial map for your estate. Some of these are:

  1. Lifetime gift planning
  2. Trust utilization
  3. Business transition plans
  4. Family partnerships
  5. Business valuations
  6. Generation skipping planning
  7. Insurance planning

At Devries, Trifiletti & Loy, Inc., we work with the entire team to put together a combination of ideas so that more of your assets can be kept within the family.

For more information on our Estate & Trust Planning Services, please call us at 440-835-9450 today and ask to speak with one of our estate and trust advisors.